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What is the Founders Club?

At Startup Sioux Falls, we believe that entrepreneurs build stronger, better businesses when they are surrounded by other founders and dreamers. However, entrepreneurship is often isolating—leading the founders in our community to work on their businesses alone at their kitchen table simply because there is nowhere else for them to turn.

Let’s fix that.

If you are building something, whether you’re a freelancer or a fintech, a nonprofit or the world’s next name brand, we want you to start here—at the center of Sioux Falls’ growing startup ecosystem.

In 2022, Startup Sioux Falls will celebrate a 20-year history and establish a downtown space to serve the next generation of Sioux Falls entrepreneurs. By joining the Founders’ Club, you save yourself a seat in this community—ensuring that you are part of the action from day one.

Help us build the next generation of the startup community by being part of the Founders Club!

Limited to 125

  • Exclusive Founder's Pass NFT
  • Founding members are individuals that want to get in on the ground floor by signing up in advance to become a Startup Sioux Falls member and join our community. Founding members will have their membership reserved on day one and exclusive access to founding member benefits that won’t be available once the space opens.
  • A $200 discount on a one year Startup Sioux Falls membership (Social Club, Hot Desk, or Dedicated Desk)
  • Insider access and early updates on the progress of our downtown buildout
  • Listed on the Startup Sioux Falls website and inside the building as a founding member of the space
  • Exclusive invitation to pre-launch celebration for you and one guest
  • Startup Social Club membership benefits until downtown space opens.

Limited to 25

  • Exclusive Founder's Pass NFT
  • Founder Funders are organizations that sponsor memberships for entrepreneurs who have a demonstrated financial need—including nonprofit founders, economically disadvantaged founders, and pre-revenue startups.
  • Insider access and early updates on the progress of our downtown buildout
  • Organization listed on the Startup Sioux Falls website and inside the building as a member of our Founders Club
  • Exclusive invitation to pre-launch celebration for up to five people
  • Startup Social Club memberships for up to five people effective immediately with the option to renew one year after the space opens

Who is the Founders Club for?

The Founders club is designed for founders and individuals who intend to utilize Startup Sioux Falls' new downtown coworking space and participate in startup ecosystem activities. The Founders Club is not for sales professionals looking to develop a client base of small business owners and entrepreneurs. However, if you're looking to help grow our startup community and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and community members, you're a perfect fit.

Not sure if the Founders Club is right for you? Schedule a meeting to learn more!

So, why should you join?

75% of coworking members see an increase in revenue after joining a coworking space.

Increase in productivity
Increase in income
Grow their network

All statistics according to

What happens when the space opens?

Once our new space opens, all of our Founding Members will apply their $200 credit to one of three membership levels:

Startup Social Club

$ 15 / month
  • Membership rate on conference room rentals
  • Access to private, members-only Slack community
  • Discounted admission to all Startup Sioux Falls events
  • Invitation to private, members-only events
  • Access to Startup Social Club perks & discounts

Hot Desk

$ 50 / month
  • All Digital Membership Benefits
  • Access to Coworking Space During Business Hours
  • Crazy Fast Wifi
  • Good LOCAL Coffee
  • Free Printing (Up to 100 Pages)
  • Free Use of Private Phone Booths
  • Flexible Guest Policy
  • 2 Hours of Free Small Conference Room Use

Dedicated Desk

$ 250 / month
  • All Community Membership Benefits
  • Dedicated Sit/Stand Desk in Coworking Space
  • Business Mailing Address
  • Free Printing (Up to 1000 Pages)
  • 4 Hours of Free Small Conference Room Use
  • 24/7 Access to Coworking Space

Not sure if the Founders Club is right for you? Schedule a meeting to learn more!

All Memberships Include

Questions? We want to answer them. Schedule a meeting and see if the Founders Club is right for you!

Startup Sioux Falls Logo Mark

What are you waiting for?

The Space


Here's a few of the things you can expect to find in our new space:

Coworking Space

Need a place to work? Our coworking memberships are perfect for freelancers, startups, small teams, and remote workers.

Conference Rooms

It's tough to host a business meeting in your living room. We get that. Step your game up by hosting your meeting with us.

Multipurpose Space

We love a good party. Even more than that, we love to HOST a good party. We'll bring the space, you bring the people. Perfect.


Entrepreneurship is lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Surround yourself with others in the same boat. We'll provide the paddles.

Wicked Fast Wifi

Fast wifi is important. We'll provide face-melting speeds free of charge. How cool is that?


Fighting off a bad case of the midday munchies? It's hard to be productive when you're hangry, so we'll have you covered.

Good LOCAL Coffee

We firmly believe that caffeine fuels good work, so we'll keep some great local coffee on hand at all times. You're welcome.

Free Printing

Okay, we know it says "free printing," but don't go crazy, ok? We're balling on a budget. You can print that TPS report, though.

Private Phone Booths

Gotta hop on a call? We know privacy is important. Our private, reservable phone booths will allow you to crush that call with no distractions or interruptions.

Still not sure if a founding membership is right for you? Let's connect!

Didn't find what you're looking for? Check out our "Get Started" page for more ways to be part of our community.

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