The Zeal Center offers private offices for incubation companies and world-class coworking space. Learn more about officing at Zeal here.

Education & Collaboration

Starting a business can be a lonely venture.  Zeal provides many opportunities for collision through events, workshops, conferences and programs to plug into.

  • Zeal Ignite Series (bi-monthly networking events)

  • Entrepreneurial Insights (bi-monthly events held at Zeal)

  • Dynamic workshops held at Zeal by professional partners and other local experts


Zeal’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program connects you with seasoned executives and experienced entrepreneurs, including some of our alumni. Zeal EIR’s offer strategic guidance, support, and expert advice.


Zeal assists clients with establishing contacts for financing, grant funding, and investment. A network of long-term established partnerships with entities such as local banks, the SBA, and SD Development Corporation allow Zeal to be a proponent in connecting entrepreneurs to those ready to serve early-stage companies. Additionally, Zeal is an investor in South Dakota Innovation Partners and the Falls Angel Fund, and works closely with Enterprise Institute which manages the South Dakota based angel funds.

Since inception, Zeal incubator clients have secured more than $172 million in equity funding and have created nearly 750 new jobs.  The Zeal Accelerator program participants have also secured an additional 2.5 million dollars and have created 80 new positions.


The Zeal Growth Accelerator program prepares early-stage companies to scale rapidly and seek equity with the goal of achieving two years of strategic growth in twelve weeks. This intensive program includes a one-day kick-off event, and five semi-weekly full-day sessions.