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Community Connection

Connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate on projects, and be part of a supportive community.

Practical Amenities

From crazy-fast WiFi to unlimited printing and locally-sourced coffee, we provide the essentials to fuel your productivity.

Exlusive Opportunities

Enjoy up to 50% off meeting room rentals, access to private community events, and exclusive opportunities and discounts.

Membership Levels

Social Club

For founders looking to connect with other entrepreneurs and get consulting support, or remote workers wanting a change of scenery once a week, our Startup Social Club offers exclusive perks and networking opportunities at just $50 per month.


Hot Desk

Maximize your productivity with our Hot Desk membership, providing unlimited access to our coworking space between 5am-11pm, starting at $100 per month.

Dedicated Desk

For those seeking a more personalized workspace away from home, our Dedicated Desk membership offers a dedicated sit/stand desk and cabinet, plus additional benefits, starting at $300 per month.

SUMMER SPECIAL -- 50% OFF your first two months with no long-term commitment (deal ends July 31)

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What Our Members are Saying...

Katelyn Musick - Reverie Events

I enjoy the community, and I want to be able to work near other like-minded individuals. I’m tired of working from my couch, coffee shops, and the libraries, but I can’t afford and don’t have the need for a permanent office space. I also want to support the Startup Sioux Falls community and be more involved!

Katelyn Musick (hot desk)

Reverie Events
Ngoc Thach

Startup Sioux Falls is an increasingly diverse community of doers, which leads to productive gatherings and fruitful collisions. Regardless of the products or services we build and execute, there is meaning and momentum in sharing our experience at every stage of entrepreneurship.

Ngoc Thach (social club)

Mix Maker

Startup has been an incredible environment for me, my business, and my personal life; truly it has been one of the best gifts in the midst of the major upheaval that moving is.

Aanna Chase (hot desk)

Aanna Chase Photography

I’ve worked at other co-working spaces - but none have achieved such a great balance of community, productivity, and functionality. I especially love hosting clients in the awesome meeting rooms; visitors are always impressed with the facility and the rooms are inviting and

Tim Summererer (dedicated desk)


75% of coworking members see an increase in revenue after joining a coworking space.

person at laptop


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Income
mentorship network


Grow Their Network

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The Downtown Space

A Historic Building Brought to Life

Our building was built in 1894 as a freight depot on the corner of 6th and Phillips in downtown Sioux Falls. After renovations, we opened our doors on February 1, 2023 to welcome entrepreneurs with a wraparound deck, exposed stone, original wooden beams, and thoughtfully designed spaces. You’ll want to see it for yourself.

Historic Milwaukee Freight Depot
rental space gif 2

A Community Coming Together

Many have contributed to our move to downtown Sioux Falls. The City has leased us this space because of their belief in what small businesses and startups can bring to the region. Generous donors have helped fund the renovation because of the way entrepreneurship has impacted their own lives. Now it’s time for you to get involved.

Startup Sioux Falls Capital Campaign Donors

These organizations funded our amazing building remodel!

Startup Sioux Falls Sponsors

These organizations provide financial support for Startup Sioux falls