Startup Sioux Falls Members

Meet some of our current members, representing a wide variety of Sioux Falls businesses and organizations.

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Aanna Chase of Aanna Chase Photography

Aanna Chase

Aanna Chase Photography

Adam Ellsworth of Molten Audio

Adam Ellsworth

Molten Audio

Adam Finke of Tuo

Adam Finke


Adam Huber of ClarityCoat LLC

Adam Huber

ClarityCoat LLC

Alana Snyder of 605 Magazine

Alana Snyder

605 Magazine

Alisha Vincent of Desty

Alisha Vincent


Amanda Runia of In-House Ally

Amanda Runia

In-House Ally

Amber Lively of Building Sustainable Connections

Amber Lively

Building Sustainable Connections

Amos Buelow of Startup Sioux Falls

Amos Buelow

Startup Sioux Falls

Andrea Smith of Sequoia Holdings

Andrea Smith

Sequoia Holdings

Andrea Van Essen of Andrea Van Essen

Andrea Van Essen

Andrea Van Essen

Andrew Peschong of evermor.

Andrew Peschong


Andy Jorgensen of Fire Bros

Andy Jorgensen

Fire Bros

Andy Wentzy of Sanford Health

Andy Wentzy

Sanford Health

Ayris Cheval

Ayris Cheval

Barry Hoogland of First PREMIER Bank

Barry Hoogland

First PREMIER Bank

Berk Ehrmantraut of PASQ

Berk Ehrmantraut


Bharat Mukheja of Auth65536

Bharat Mukheja


Brenton Minish of TeleVet

Brenton Minish


Brian Robinson of C Woodcock & Co

Brian Robinson

C Woodcock & Co

Brienne Maner of Startup Sioux Falls

Brienne Maner

Startup Sioux Falls

Brooke Fitts of Jodder

Brooke Fitts


Bubba Startz of DBS Entertainment / Startz and Endz

Bubba Startz

DBS Entertainment / Startz and Endz

Capp Wiedenhoefer of Capp Development, LLC

Capp Wiedenhoefer

Capp Development, LLC

Carla White of

Carla White

Carleton J Hsia of Antiradical Therapeutics

Carleton J Hsia

Antiradical Therapeutics

Carly Kewley of CK Design

Carly Kewley

CK Design

Casey Johnston of Well-being Connections

Casey Johnston

Well-being Connections

Cindy Peterson of Maximizing Excellence LLC

Cindy Peterson

Maximizing Excellence LLC

Corri Poore of Little Tykes University, LLC

Corri Poore

Little Tykes University, LLC

Craig Jurczewsky of CRAIG Computer Service

Craig Jurczewsky

CRAIG Computer Service

Craig Markhardt

Craig Markhardt

Craig Morris of Craig Morris

Craig Morris

Craig Morris

Dan Card of Think 3D

Dan Card

Think 3D

Danielle McGrath of First PREMIER Bank

Danielle McGrath

First PREMIER Bank

Don Feige of PBJ Central

Don Feige

PBJ Central

Emily Trujillo of Cherry Bekaert

Emily Trujillo

Cherry Bekaert

Eric Stoll of Bank Midwest

Eric Stoll

Bank Midwest

Erik Muckey of Lost&Found

Erik Muckey


Ethan DeCosse of Kidwell

Ethan DeCosse


Expansion Health And Wellness LLC of Expansion Health and Wellness LLC

Expansion Health And Wellness LLC

Expansion Health and Wellness LLC

Haley Elness of POET

Haley Elness


Henry Wegehaupt of Provender Technologies

Henry Wegehaupt

Provender Technologies

Jackie M Swanstrom

Jackie M Swanstrom

Jacob Charles of Bison Cloud Solutions

Jacob Charles

Bison Cloud Solutions

James Gaspar of Interstate Office Products

James Gaspar

Interstate Office Products

Jason Boutwell of Pro Resources HR

Jason Boutwell

Pro Resources HR

Jeff Hayward  of Startup Sioux Falls

Jeff Hayward

Startup Sioux Falls

Jen Jones

Jen Jones

Jennifer Gerrietts of Flock Safety

Jennifer Gerrietts

Flock Safety

Jennifer Schmidtbauer of Crestcom South Dakota

Jennifer Schmidtbauer

Crestcom South Dakota

Jessica Meyers of Porchlight

Jessica Meyers


Jim Masloski of Customs Direct LLC

Jim Masloski

Customs Direct LLC

Jim Mathis of ADwerks

Jim Mathis


Jodi Schwan of Align Content Studio

Jodi Schwan

Align Content Studio

John Meyer of Leadership South Dakota

John Meyer

Leadership South Dakota

Joshua Novak of Main St.

Joshua Novak

Main St.

Josiah Hind of Culture Crossings LLC

Josiah Hind

Culture Crossings LLC

Kate Hayes of RBC Wealth Management

Kate Hayes

RBC Wealth Management

Kathy Schrad of The Unseen 1018

Kathy Schrad

The Unseen 1018

Kayla Huizing of SoDak Stays

Kayla Huizing

SoDak Stays

Kelly Bunde of Outpost Adventures

Kelly Bunde

Outpost Adventures

Kendra Cersosimo of Two54 Creative

Kendra Cersosimo

Two54 Creative

Kristi Wire of Wire Design Company

Kristi Wire

Wire Design Company

Kseniya "K" Melnikova of Melk PR, LLC

Kseniya "K" Melnikova

Melk PR, LLC

Kurt Loudenback of Grand Prairie Foods

Kurt Loudenback

Grand Prairie Foods

Lawrence J Diggs of QST

Lawrence J Diggs


Local Lou of Local Lou Podcast

Local Lou

Local Lou Podcast

Lucero Rodea of Infinite Cleaning LLC

Lucero Rodea

Infinite Cleaning LLC

Lyndsey Kastein of LK Design Co

Lyndsey Kastein

LK Design Co

Mariah Brunz of Mariah Brunz

Mariah Brunz

Mariah Brunz

Mark Stowers of The Global Bluefish Company LLC

Mark Stowers

The Global Bluefish Company LLC

Matt Cook  of Sioux Empire IT Services

Matt Cook

Sioux Empire IT Services

Matt Doerr of Salt and Light Group

Matt Doerr

Salt and Light Group

Matt Paulson of MarketBeat MP

Matt Paulson

MarketBeat MP

Maureen Ohm of MarketBeat MP

Maureen Ohm

MarketBeat MP

Megan Bartel of Connected Coaching by Megan Bartel

Megan Bartel

Connected Coaching by Megan Bartel

Megan Raposa of Sioux Falls Simplified

Megan Raposa

Sioux Falls Simplified

Melissa Heckel of Branch Creative Co.

Melissa Heckel

Branch Creative Co.

Michael Huber of Huber Wealth Strategies

Michael Huber

Huber Wealth Strategies

Michael Peterson, CMO of Nu Digital Marketing Agency

Michael Peterson, CMO

Nu Digital Marketing Agency

Mike Breault of Embersilk

Mike Breault


Mike Ridder of Blueprint Business Advisory

Mike Ridder

Blueprint Business Advisory

Mychelle Garrigan of Firelink Digital Marketing LLC

Mychelle Garrigan

Firelink Digital Marketing LLC

Nate Boscaljon of Boscaljon Design Co.

Nate Boscaljon

Boscaljon Design Co.

Nathan Kramer of Vigilant Cybersecurity

Nathan Kramer

Vigilant Cybersecurity

Paul Tschetter of Boyce Law Firm, LLP

Paul Tschetter

Boyce Law Firm, LLP

Pavel Azaletskiy of VSOptima

Pavel Azaletskiy


Pete Kleinjan of Tiger29

Pete Kleinjan


Peter Hauck of Rink Rabbit

Peter Hauck

Rink Rabbit

Plaban Mohapatra

Plaban Mohapatra

R&P Group of R&P Group

R&P Group

R&P Group

Renee Bostick of FamFlection

Renee Bostick


Rose Ann Hofland of Levitt at the Falls

Rose Ann Hofland

Levitt at the Falls

Ross Wickman

Ross Wickman

Ryan Kost of Turquoise Health

Ryan Kost

Turquoise Health

Sami Zoss

Sami Zoss

Sara Lum of Startup Sioux Falls

Sara Lum

Startup Sioux Falls

Serge Van Neck of Serge van Neck Photography, LLC

Serge Van Neck

Serge van Neck Photography, LLC

Shane Fischer of Ink Knell

Shane Fischer

Ink Knell

Shia Nussbaum of Nussbuam Tech LLC

Shia Nussbaum

Nussbuam Tech LLC

Sonja O'Steen of O'Steen Photography and SoDak Music Magazine

Sonja O'Steen

O'Steen Photography and SoDak Music Magazine

Spencer Erwin of Ramco Innovations

Spencer Erwin

Ramco Innovations

Stacey J Berry of Covert Artisan Ales

Stacey J Berry

Covert Artisan Ales

Tanna Soukup of Strategie, LLC

Tanna Soukup

Strategie, LLC

Terry Liggins  of The Hurdle Life Coach

Terry Liggins

The Hurdle Life Coach

The Recovery Common of The Recovery Common

The Recovery Common

The Recovery Common

Troy Klongerbo of Mount Haley

Troy Klongerbo

Mount Haley

Tyler Patch of Wholesale Payments

Tyler Patch

Wholesale Payments

Tyrel Kool of Minnwest Bank

Tyrel Kool

Minnwest Bank

Vernon Brown of South Dakota State University

Vernon Brown

South Dakota State University

Will Cromarty of Kirkwall

Will Cromarty


William Sell

William Sell