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Scale Your Business in 12 Months

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Wondering if Growco is right for you?

  • Are you a solopreneur experiencing growth who is looking to hire employee(s)?
  • Have you been in business for 2+ years, and want to scale revenue and operations?
  • Do you own an established business, but you are experiencing a plateau or decline in growth?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, Growco could be a good fit.

Growco is a program for growth-stage founders and startups who want to increase revenue, profit, or company size.

Growco is a one-year, cohort-based program. The program will include 12 monthly, 3.5-hour meetings. The program will be led by a facilitator, coordinated by Startup Sioux Falls staff, and supported by a board of strategic advisors comprised of business leaders.

If you are experiencing growth or seeking to make changes to scale your business, Growco is for you.

Startup Sioux Falls’ Definition of Growth

“Growth" is defined as a year-over-year increase in a startup’s revenue, profit, or employee count. 
This can be achieved through strategically expanding the company's operations and impact while enhancing efficiency. It may involve optimizing processes, utilizing technology, refining customer acquisition and retention, seeking funding if needed, and fostering an innovative culture to unlock the startup's full potential and achieve significant milestones.

We will measure growth by:

  • % of revenue growth
  • % of profit growth
  • employee #

Program Benefits

  • Facilitated by Sioux Falls business leader Kurt Loudenback, CEO of Grand Prairie Foods
  • Small-group cohort-based learning (6-8 participants)
  • Quarterly access to a board of strategic advisors of local business leaders
  • Up to 3 hours per month of 1-on-1 support through Startup Sioux Falls' EIR program (coming Spring 2024)
  • Monthly guest speakers
  • Access to business resources through the online GrowthWheel platform
  • Startup Sioux Falls membership benefits
Kurt Loudenback - CEO, Grand Prairie Foods

Program Details

Future cohort details yet to be decided.

Quarter 1

Session 1: Your Business 360
Session 2: Business Concept
Session 3: Board of Strategic Advisors Meeting + Quarterly Planning

Quarter 2

Session 4: Customer Relations (Pt. 1)
Session 5: Customer Relations (Pt. 2)
Session 6: Board of Strategic Advisors Meeting + Quarterly Planning

Quarter 3

Session 7: Organization (Pt. 1)
Session 8: Organization (Pt. 2)
Session 9: Board of Strategic Advisors Meeting + Quarterly Planning

Quarter 4

Session 10: Operations (Pt. 1)
Session 11: Operations (Pt. 2)
Session 12: Board of Strategic Advisors Meeting + Celebration


The program is an investment of $5,000 upfront or $5,500 if paid monthly.


Contact Sara Lum at [email protected].

Let's grow together.