CO.STARTERS Software Accelerator

(Next Cohort in Spring 2024)

Did you know that software built in Sioux Falls:

  • runs thousands of medical clinics
  • emails millions of members every day
  • connects hundreds of SAAS software tools to each other
  • helps thousands of dealers sell cars
  • enables thousands of public safety agencies to keep 3 of every 4 citizens safe?

Do you have a unique way to solve a real-world problem?

We can help new or experienced entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to build a software company
  • Have experience & understanding of business problems that need to be solved
  • Are either business minded or software developers or both

Ready to build a software solution to sell?

Program Details

The CO.STARTERS Software Accelerator Program is a 10-session program designed to guide and mentor software startup founders. It encompasses a comprehensive curriculum that follows the CO.STARTERS growth canvas proven effective in our 3-years of running CO.STARTERS core. Participants will refine their software business ideas, develop scalable software solutions, and gain the skills to pitch their ideas effectively to earn investment dollars or loans to launch their software. They will also have access to an extensive network of software industry experts and potential investors.

Session 1

Knowing Yourself

Session 6

Structures & Systems

Session 2

Knowing Your Customer

Session 7

Discovering the Bottom Line

Session 3

Find the Right Solution

Session 8

Financial Modeling

Session 4

Getting the Relationship Right

Session 9

Planning for Growth

Session 5

Building Blocks

Session 10

Celebration Night


The CO.STARTERS Software Business Accelerator is currently supported through the Community Navigator Pilot Program grant, powered by the Small Business Administration. The price of the program is free for a limited time and spots are limited. 

Ready to launch your software business?