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Frequently Asked Questions about Startup Sioux Falls

Startup Sioux Falls is an ecosystem organization that empowers founders by offering resources to network, launch, and grow their ventures.

The organization is continuing a 17-year-old story of evolution to meet the market’s needs. The rebranding effort and name change aim to clarify the organization’s identity, its offerings, and where it’s headed.

Startup Sioux Falls will relocate to a downtown Sioux Falls location to improve access to our team and resources.

As we pursue relocation to downtown Sioux Falls, offering founders what they need to establish, network, and grow their business remains paramount. Founders can expect space to cowork, connect, and collaborate while feeling more connected to the community of founders and mentors that surround them.

Startup Sioux Falls programs and resources help early-stage founders, including high-growth startups and small business owners. The organization welcomes all area entrepreneurs to attend events and connect with members of the online community.

In addition to physical coworking and meeting space, we offer:

The online community is a dynamic network of more than 7,300 area entrepreneurs who posted nearly 2,000 topics, events, and requests for help over the past 12 months, receiving 23,000 responses in the same timeframe.

Join the online community to connect with founders, opportunities, and resources. All startup founders and small business owners are welcome to apply for the quarterly CO.STARTERS Accelerator Program, become a mentor or mentee through the Mentorship Network, and attend a host of educational and networking events.

Frequently Asked Startup Questions

If you are looking to start a small business in South Dakota, download a copy of the Small Business Development Center's (SBDC) Business Planning Guide. This 24-page guide will walk you through the process of creating a business plan, understanding the legal aspects of setting up a business and developing financial projections. Consider meeting with an SDBC business counselor who can provide advice, information, and business contacts that you may need to start your business. You can set up an appointment with an SBDC counselor by calling their office in Sioux Falls at 605-367-5757.

If you are looking to network with founders of startups and small business owners, consider attending the weekly and monthly startup events in Sioux Falls and introducing yourself to other attendees. These startup events include 1 Million Cups, Startup Socials, Morning Marketing Parties, Coffee and Connections and other events. You can view a list of upcoming events here.

You may consider asking specific business owners that you think you can learn from out to lunch or coffee. Business leaders in Sioux Falls tend to be welcoming and willing to help the next generation of leaders. If you are sincere and specific with your request. you will find that many business leaders are willing to sit down with you for an hour. Think about what you want to discuss with the person you are meeting with ahead of time so that you can make the best use of their time and yours.

Zeal Center + Startup Sioux Falls operate the largest network of entrepreneurial mentors in South Dakota. If you would like to meet with a small business or startup mentor, visit this page to learn more about Zeal's mentor network and request to be matched with a mentor.

There are a variety of different venture capital and debt capital sources available to entrepreneurs in Sioux Falls. The right capital source for your business will depend on your industry, your capital needs, and your current business progress. We have produced a short guide that will walk you through the various options for raising capital in South Dakota which is available using this link.

The largest co-working space in Sioux Falls is the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship, which is currently located off I-29 and Russell Avenue in Sioux Falls. Smaller co-working spaces include The Creative CoopRegus927 Studios and Stone Group.

You will often find solopreneurs, startup founders and remote workers working at downtown coffee shops including Queen City BakeryJosiah's, Coffea and The Source.


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