Brands that Breathe – Workshop Recording


Last Thursday, April 11th, Startup Sioux Falls hosted a workshop titled ‘Brands that Breathe,’ led by Kristi Wire of Wire Design Company.

This event offered practical insights into effective branding strategies tailored for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Below, you’ll find key highlights and a recording of the workshop.


The talk starts by highlighting a common challenge: An urgent request for a logo or website. Kristi emphasizes the importance of considering branding as part of a unified strategy to effectively communicate your brand’s visual identity and core values.

Branding is so much more than a logo, colors or fonts – It’s about your brand telling a unified story about who you are, who you serve and identifying real value for your ideal customer. In the video below, Kristi shares a case study about a tutoring service for children with disabilities, illustrating how personal characteristics and business objectives can be woven into a coherent brand to connect deeply with her audience.

In addition, choosing the right visual elements is key to building a brand identity – Your choice of colors, fonts and shapes convey certain emotions and messages to your audience.

Maintaining both visual and verbal consistency across all communication touch points is vital for brand awareness and recognition. Whether it’s your website, social media, or print marketing materials, having a consistent look and voice enhances both your brand recognition and professionalism.

Towards the end of the talk, the logistics of branding is discussed: How to organize digital assets and select appropriate file formats to provide high-quality results across many different marketing mediums.

The talk wraps up on the future of branding in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Kristi encourages building an adaptable and forward-thinking mindset, using innovative tools and platforms.

In summary, Brands that Breathe is a comprehensive guide to creating a powerful and effective brand. Through conceptual insights and concise advice, Brands that Breathe is a valuable resource for professionals at all levels wanting to elevate their branding strategy. Watch the full workshop recording below!


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