S2:EP7 – Kurt Loudenback w/ Grand Prairie Foods

Kurt Loudenback Sioux Falls Startup Stories InterviewKurt Loudenback is this weeks podcast guest. Kurt is the founder and owner of Grand Prairie Foods, a fascinating food service business that ships and distributes their product nationwide. Kurt shares some interesting and surprising details about the early days of his company. From the purchase of the company, to completely having to start over, this is a startup story for the record books. Give it a listen, and share it around our wonderful entrepreneurial community. They’re going to wanna hear this.




If you want to learn more about Grand Prairie Foods, check out their website at www.grandprairiefoods.com. Fun little side note, in my days while working at an agency, sometimes known as a “Real Job”, I actually built the GPF website. I’m taking on new projects for this fall, so if you or someone you know is interested in a website, feel free to hit me up on Facebook.