Accelerator success story: Wrapability operating under new ownership

A local business specializing in vehicle and graphic wraps came under new ownership as of April 2021. 

Wrapability, which was founded by Kyle VandenHull, is now owned and operated by Joey Craft, one of the company’s original employees. The two men got to know each other several years prior while employed at a different sign shop, where Craft was a welder and VandenHull worked with vinyl.

“We worked really well together and became good friends,” said Craft. “He learned all about vinyl and passed everything down to me, and I just took it and went with it.”

They worked together at another graphics shop until 2017 when VandenHull went out on his own to start Wrapability. It wasn’t long before Craft joined him in the new business.

In 2018, VandenHull participated in a Startup Sioux Falls accelerator program, looking for guidance on taking Wrapability to the next level. Craft was able to attend several of the sessions as well—an impactful learning opportunity for the future owner-operator.

Joey Craft, owner of Wrapability

“He passed a lot of stuff on to me from the different groups and programs he was doing, especially when it came to marketing,” Craft said. “It’s kind of second nature to me now.”

Craft took over Wrapability this spring following a transition period after VandenHull sold the business and moved to Florida. 

Though he’s only owned the business for a few months, Craft has enjoyed a distinct advantage in taking over a company with an established clientele—one he helped build from the ground up. 

“It’s a pretty good-sized shop for just starting out,” he said. “I would say 90 percent of the people who own wrap shops started out in their garage with no experience in business, so it was a little bit of a different situation for me. I had a big clientele I knew I could get rolling with right away, and it’s worked well.” 


Wrapability offers an array of high-quality signage and wrap services, customized to meet the needs of any individual or business.

A vehicle wrap for Slim Chicken’s.

“What sets us apart is our customer service and quality,” Craft said. 

“There’s a lot of people that just want to get their commercial stuff out the door as fast as they can, but I’m the kind of guy that looks at a project—whether it’s a Ferrari or a commercial wrap—and I’m going to do both of them in the same quality.”

Wrapability’s services include graphic wraps, stickers, paint protection, window tinting, signs and banners, and chrome deletes. The company works with customers who already have a logo or design they want to use, but they can also create designs from scratch. 

A custom vehicle wrap project.

Craft adds that Wrapability is known for its wild and adventurous designs. 

“We get a lot of people who come in and just want to do a couple colors, your typical blues, blacks, reds and grays. We’ll try to spruce it up a little bit, and convince them to throw in some oranges, yellows or a cool background design,” he said.

Craft’s shop is located in Hartford, and he works with clients locally, statewide and regionally. 

A bus wrap for the Lower Brule school district.

Financing is available for most projects, and Wrapability also offers a unique partnership with Sioux Falls Ford, where customers who purchase a new work van or truck can roll the cost of their vehicle wrap into the financing package. 

To learn more about Wrapability and how you can promote your business using quality graphic signage, visit