Joe Sneve from the Argus Leader joined us in the studio today. We don't often get the chance to ask journalists questions about their personal life. Today Joe opened up about his life in the Sioux Falls area.
We cover:
  • Background on Joe: [03;00]
  • His journey as a journalist [05;05]
  • How often he puts out content [06;37]
  • City Council Bingo [08;42]
  • His unique perspective on the city [10;10]
  • How he deals with public scrutiny [12;00]
  • 200 Questions Game [15;55]
  • Does he sleep with the window open or A/C? [16:51]
  • How does he prefer to spend time with family? [18;00]
  • What is something weird you do alone? [19;47]
  • Does he believe in life on other planets? [24;45]
  • If he could change anything about himself would he? [24;49]
  • Shameless Self Promotion [26:39]
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Guests: Joe Sneve
Hosted by: Clinton Brown
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