We asked each of the twelve beneficiaries of Re:Boot Sioux Falls to share a bit about their organization. Read about how the Glory House is supporting Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

Since 1968, Glory House has helped people struggling with addiction, mental health problems, and poor life skills claim their lives by using evidence-based practices provided by caring staff.

Both residential and outpatient clients develop the skills needed to live a successful life free of drugs, alcohol, and crime. The trained and experienced staff at Glory House help clients find employment, housing, and transportation. Individuals have the opportunity to address their many complex challenges. Clients identify their personal risk factors and develop winning strategies that keep them moving forward.

With the support and involvement of the local community, Glory House assists clients to become happier, healthier, stronger contributing members of the community.

Mission: Helping People Claim their Lives with Christian Compassion, Resources and Support

Please share one of the Glory House success stories.

Several years ago, “George” had a serious drug problem, and served a prison sentence for his offense. Upon release, he completed our 90-day recovery program at Glory House and found a job as a construction worker installing drywall. Eventually, he started his own company which now employs hundreds of people, including some of our current clients. “George” credits the Glory House counselors with giving him the tough love and the tools needed to turn his life around, and he has even served as chair of our board of directors.

How will the Glory House benefit from the technology received from Re:Boot Sioux Falls?

Glory House counselors regularly go into the community to interview potential clients. Having laptop computers will make their work more efficient and more accurate by allowing them to record information on-site during off-campus interviews. In addition, when new clients are applying for a job, many employers now require them to complete an application online. The availability of computers is essential for clients to perform the all-important job search and subsequent application process since clients are expected to find a job within their first two weeks at Glory House.

What do you wish the public knew about the Glory House that you don’t think they know already?

More than half of Glory House clients have underage children. By giving these parents the tools needed for recovery and success, families are being strengthened, tax dollars are being saved, and citizens are contributing to society. Glory House works to interrupt the revolving door of recidivism and the inter-generational cycle of abuse, pain, and dysfunction in order to create a healthier future for the next generation.

To read more about the Glory House and their positive impact on the Sioux Falls and surrounding communities, visit their website.

Glory House clients enjoying ice cream.