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S3:EP4 – Mitch Jackson w/ Queen City Bakery

Mitch Jackson and his wife are world travels. They’ve lived abroad, worked at coffee shops and bakery’s in big cities like New York, and eventually settled back home with an idea to bring the big city bakery to life in Sioux Falls. Queen City Bakery has become a bit of an iconic staple of the…

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S3:EP3 – Rebekah Scott with Rebekah Scott Designs

Have you ever made a mistake in your business? What about 10,000 mistakes? Rebekah Scott is the owner and founder of Rebekah Scott Designs. She has an amazing story about life, business, and gut-punching mistakes and decisions. One thing is for certain, however. Rebekah has a fantastic spirit. She loves God, her family, and sewing.…

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S3:EP2 – Korena Keys with Key Media Solutions

Korena Keys with Key Media Solutions Podcast Interview - Episode Two Sioux Falls Startup Stories

“Mom, it’s okay. I know you’ll be late. Your work is always more important than me.” That’s what Korena Key’s 13-year-old son said one day as she was trying to be a mom and manage working life at a local ad agency. What a gut punch. Korena gets really real and really vulnerable in this…

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S3:EP1 – Tim Karels with 605 Sheds and Falls Real Estate

This week, I chat with Tim Karels of Falls Real Estate and 605 Sheds. Tim shares some powerful advice and highlights some tough times in business. He shares his experience with mentors and we really dive into what success means to Tim.   Check out Tim’s episode below!     Show Notes: Link to 605…

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S3:EP0 – Introducing Season Three!

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when pumpkin spice becomes a thing again (I’m excited) and the time for another season of Sioux Falls Startup Stories (I’m even more excited!). This is Episode Zero. The intro. The debut. The preamble. You get the idea. So here it is, Episode Zero. Short…

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