S3:EP3 – Rebekah Scott with Rebekah Scott Designs

Rebekah Scott with Rebekah Scott Designs headshot for the Sioux Falls Startup Stories PodcastHave you ever made a mistake in your business? What about 10,000 mistakes? Rebekah Scott is the owner and founder of Rebekah Scott Designs. She has an amazing story about life, business, and gut-punching mistakes and decisions.

One thing is for certain, however. Rebekah has a fantastic spirit. She loves God, her family, and sewing. And most certainly in that order. Check out Rebekah’s story. It’s a good one!




Show Notes:

I shared a ton of information in the podcast. Most notably where you can find Rebekah Scott’s purses and accessories. She is also the author of the book, runs her own podcast, and offers coaching and a mastermind group. Check out the links below!

Website: shoprsd.com

Book: Equipped to Execute

Podcast: The Encourager Podcast

Mastermind Group: Encourager Mastermind Group

Coaching: Coaching with Bekah